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Polypropylene and Acetal Push-To-Connect Plugs

Thermoplastic Push-To-Connect

Copper Tube Size (CTS) Twist-To-Lock Shut-Off Ball Valves

Copper Tube Size (CTS) Twist-To-Lock Push-To-Connect Fittings

These push-to-connect fittings are offered in Copper Tube Sizes (CTS) and are made from engineered plastic with EPDM O-Rings or compliant brass. They are NSF and IAPMO approved for hot and cold water plumbing applications and hydronic heating systems. These fittings can be used with Copper, REX and CPVC Pipe. The Twist-to-Lock feature, allows you to push the pipe in, and then twist a locking collar to remove the possibility of accidental pipe release. When using PEX tubing, inserts are required for connections in all heating applications and are recommended for standard plumbing applications. For UV resistance, use the 99XX series of black fittings. Do not use for gas, fuel oil or compressed air applications.
1/4 Inch Female NPT Size Nylon Plastic Pipe Hexagonal Cap Fitting

Thermoplastic Pipe, Hose Barb and Garden Hose Fittings

Metric Polyethylene Tubing

Polyethylene (Assorted Colors) Tubing

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